KC Chiefs: Why is Darrel Williams still a free agent?

The Kansas City Chiefs provided a high-profile platform for Darrel Wiliams to show what he can do, so why is he still a free agent?

This moment, this free agent period, felt like the one in which Darrel Williams might actually receive his due. Instead, this spring has turned into yet another moment in which the veteran running back is having to fight and scrap, albeit in a different way as a free agent back hoping to find a home for the 2022 season and beyond.

The idea of forcing people to turn their heads and pay attention to Williams is nothing new by now, and Chiefs Kingdom is likely already familiar with the story. Going back to his college days at LSU, Williams has never been the featured back or the talked-about name heading into any season. Yet time and again, he’s there waiting and ready to do exactly what the coaches ask, to do exactly what others could not or would not.

The Chiefs reached out and signed him as an undrafted free agent back in 2018 with the belief that there was a potential diamond in the rough at the next level. LSU is a high-profile program with acclaimed recruits coming in every season, and Williams’ draft stock had been lost in the process. The Chiefs gave him a window of opportunity to turn heads once again, and he stayed for the next four years.

In his…

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