KC Chiefs connected with Jackson Carman in latest 2021 mock draft

If you’re looking for massive changes along the offensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs, then you’re going to love the latest mock draft from CBS Sports analyst Chris Trapasso. He has the Chiefs taking a flyer on the mammoth frame of Clemson tackle Jackson Carman at the bottom of the first round at No. 31 overall.

Carman is a newer name linked with the Chiefs from previous mock drafts that we’ve seen. However, the idea of drafting an offensive tackle is certainly par for the course here (to mix sports metaphors).

Trapasso has a good read on the overall number of offensive line prospects being taken overall since Carman is the 7th offensive lineman to be selected in the first round. Given the state of o-line play around the NFL, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see plenty of linemen taken early, especially offensive tackles, in order to take advantage of the top end talent available.

For the Chiefs, protecting Patrick Mahomes has become the prime directive this offseason given the state of the offensive front this past season and the resulting injuries heading into the offseason. There’s not a single position up front that doesn’t require some level of attention, and it’s entirely possible the Chiefs come into this September with an entirely different starting five than the line featured in last year’s opener against the Houston Texans.

The Chiefs have been linked with OT Jackson Carman in a…

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