Karl-Anthony Towns: ‘I wanted to take the harder route’

Within a certain sporting opinion — and particularly a league like the NBA — winning a championship creates an instant if sometimes subconscious elevation of a player’s status.

Perceptions of how that goal is achieved, though, can be altered and filtered by external circumstances. Players who choose, when given the chance, to play with the best team are often vilified as “ring chasers.”

If you don’t believe it, just read Kevin Durant’s social media timeline.

On the flip side, there is a certain nobility ascribed to those who aspire to win more organically and don’t mind the struggle along the way.

It’s clear that Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns wants to be perceived in that latter fashion. And his actions reinforce his words.

“A lot of people in my position, you know, they get to this spot with their second contract and they’re looking to get a ring — the easiest ring around the league,” Towns said on Wednesday’s Daily Delivery podcast. “I wanted to take the harder route. I wanted to be loyal to the people who brought me into this league and gave me a chance to prove my worth. I wanted to win here.”

Towns said those words Friday after a news conference to discuss his four-year, $224 million contract extension. While it’s true the Wolves could offer him more money than other teams, players like Durant and Anthony Davis have spurned those larger paydays to sign with…

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