Jon Gruden should have never been in Bucs’ Ring of Honor before Tony Dungy | Commentary

Headline at “Urban Meyer Still Adjusting To Speed Of NFL Cover-Ups.” … By the way, did you see where even Tim Tebow said he was disappointed in Urban for the shenanigans with the unknown blonde woman in the Ohio bar? Ooh, you know it’s bad when Timmy is disappointed in you. In fact, if I had to list three people who I wouldn’t want to disappoint, they would be: (1) My mom, (2) My boss, (3) Timmy Terrific. … The BCS (Bianchi Charting System) College Football Power Ratings: (1) Georgia, (2) Alabama, (3) Cincinnati, (4) Iowa, (5) LSU fans who want Ed Orgeron fired. … The BCS NFL Power Ratings: (1) Arizona Cardinals, (2) Tampa Bay Bucs, (3) Buffalo Bills, (4) Dallas Cowboys, (5) Tampa Bay Bucs’ Ring of Honor police. … Funniest meme of the week: “Jon Gruden identifies as Hunter Biden so media will ignore his emails.” …

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