Jake McGee pinpoints what made signing with Giants an ‘easy decision’

It wasn’t memories of the garlic fries or coming to a few games in high school that swayed Jake McGee to sign with the Giants over the offseason, but that certainly didn’t hurt. McGee was born in San Jose and had plenty of reasons to go from being a Dodger to a Giant after winning a World Series last year. 

“I had an eye on the Giants,” McGee said Wednesday night to KNBR’s Mark Willard. “Me and my wife, we live in Reno now and I was born in San Jose. But overall, even if the Giants were on the east coast it was a very appealing place for me.

“I know [Gabe] Kapler a little bit. Farhan [Zaidi], he was with the Dodgers, I know him a little bit. Just some familiar faces made it an easy decision.”

From Kapler and Zaidi to joining former teammate Alex Wood in San Francisco, McGee could find a sense of comfortability in San Francisco. But he was swayed by much more than good feelings and playing near where he was born. McGee could see himself wearing a Giants jersey for every baseball reason imaginable. 

The veteran lefty turns 35 years old in August. He has spent 11 seasons in the major leagues. However, he loves how young and innovative the Giants’ coaching staff is. 

“Before we started talking to [the Giants] a lot, I talked to Kapler on the phone and he just…

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