Ivica Zubac serves up another reminder of his importance to the Clippers

In my preview ahead of the Denver Nuggets game, I said that, while it could be a game defined by what was missing in terms of personnel, it should instead be defined by what it does have in terms of heart and fight. Well, I got my wish — almost. Of course, I’d have rather the pendulum swung in a slightly different direction, resulting in a Los Angeles Clippers win. However, this team put up one hell of a fight and, statistically speaking, you couldn’t have asked for much more from the guys.

Any of the issues that you could put your finger on from other losses this season — off-shooting nights, high turnover displays, poor rebounding and so on — weren’t present in Denver. The Clippers really gave it their all, but came up against a side that just edged them in the crucial moments, thanks in no small part to another freakish display from center Nikola Jokic. For the most part, the team can be proud of the way they defended the Serb, but ultimately it was just one of those nights for the league’s reigning Most Valuable Player.

His performance stood out so much that, to a wider audience at least, it overshadowed another great center display inside the Ball Arena. If you look to the box score for takeaways from the game, a plus/minus of minus-17 in a two-point loss could be seen as a major…

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