‘It’s crazy’ that only one year has passed since Lakers (and Kidd) won it all

Time flies, except when it doesn’t.

Like the past year that has crawled for everybody.

Consider that the Los Angeles Lakers, with Jason Kidd as an assistant coach, won the NBA championship in the Orlando bubble one year ago – plus a couple days – Oct. 11, 2020.

That 2019-20 season was disjointed thanks to COVID-19. Then the 2020-21 season started with training camp less than two months later.

Now, the league next week will start its third season in less than 13 months.

“It was an incredible year,” Kidd said before the Mavericks played an exhibition at Charlotte Wednesday night. “It’s crazy to say it’s only been a year from winning a championship in LA.

“We’re kind of like golf right now. We just have wraparound seasons.”

Not that he’s complaining. The NBA is just glad to be able to have seasons given the complications presented by the virus.

But it does seem like a lot more than a year has passed since the Lakers beat Miami on that Walt Disney World court for the championship.

“That feels like forever ago,” Charlotte coach James Borrego said. “I saw that, and I couldn’t believe that that was a year (ago). A lot has transpired in that period. When you just look at last year in the vacuum, it felt like three seasons in one, the amount of protocols, the ups, the downs, the injuries. It took a toll on every…

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