It was the story telling skills that set Scully apart from every other broadcaster

Emptying the notebook and the crevices of a cluttered mind to wind up yet another week.

The loss this week of the peerless Vin Scully has taken away the single best baseball broadcaster that I, or anyone else, have ever heard.

His greatest gift?

The ability to weave stories seamlessly into his work that entertained and informed and provided viewers and listeners with some great anecdotes to help pass the time.

And we need more of that, we need more storytellers and fewer bloviators, we need human stories rather than raw numbers, we need fun combined with insight and far less intrusion than we generally get.

We need this:

Look, I know it’s hard job this carrying of a long broadcast, and the default position is always stats and what happened in yesterday’s game and the intricacies of the moment. I sure couldn’t do it and I admire those who can.

I also understand that the needs and desires of listeners and viewers are different today than they were maybe a decade ago but I refuse to believe they are better. I honestly think that a simpler time was indeed a better time.

But the special ones can do more and we don’t have enough special people any more. And no one – before, now or in the future – is, was or will be at the Scully special level.

I can honesty say there has never been a…

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