Isaiah Wilson presents a potential two-sided coin for KC Chiefs

If you dig deep in the weeds, you could have seen this coming. Over the last several days, the Tennessee Titans and Isaiah Wilson have been a sort of collision course as the franchise will be forced to soon make a decision on what to do with their thus-far disappointing first-round pick from only a year ago.

If you’re new to the timeline, Wilson stated on Twitter on Monday that he’s “done” with the team. “I’m done with football as a Titan,” he wrote and then later deleted. But that was the latest bubble to rise to the surface in what has been a strained relationship since the team first drafted him last spring.

Late last week, one Titans fan account noticed that Wilson himself had unfollowed the team on Instagram. From there, Wilson responded to it with the following:

Yes, it needs to be noted that his own Twitter handle is “layzay”. Good way to lean into the brand.

KC Chiefs would be wise to steer clear of Isaiah Wilson despite his potential.

Earlier this month, Titans general manager Jon Robinson took Wilson to task in the press and admitted he hadn’t even spoken to Wilson in quite some time. In a longer press session with reporters, he stated that he’d done the requisite homework on Wilson as a prospect but that “the player this fall here in Nashville wasn’t the guy that we spent time with last year.” From…

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