Is the talent gap between Michigan football and Ohio State football actually that big?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — In the last five years of the NFL Draft, 43 Ohio State players have been selected compared to 36 Michigan players. The Buckeyes and Wolverines are clearly the top two teams in the conference in those raw numbers. That’s a big two. So why isn’t that reflected in what happens on the field?

The raw numbers don’t really tell the story here. But after diving into the numbers more, I think two things are true:

1. The NFL Draft reflects why Ohio State dominates the Big Ten. The elite talent gap is is acknowledged by the pros. But that’s obvious.

2. Michigan, based on NFL Draft numbers, isn’t that close to Ohio State in top-tier talent. But the numbers show that Michigan, based on talent, should be the second-best program in the Big Ten. And it’s not.

We talked all about that on the Wednesday Buckeye Talk, but I’ll also lay out the numbers below. You can then listen for a further discussion of them.

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Here is the breakdown of total draft picks the last five years compared to conference record the last five years. Michigan has 12 more draft picks than Penn State…

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