Is even more self-analysis really the key to improvement for Cousins?

First off, kudos to Vikings QB Kirk Cousins for his work ethic and also his willingness to do what would make a lot of us cringe: Go back and look at mistakes he made as a younger professional in an attempt to unpack how he became the player he is now.

I, for one, would not have the stomach to read everything I have ever written — first and foremost a novel completed about 20 years ago that I am terrified to (likely) discover is not just unpublished but unpublishable.

But Cousins has made this sort of self-assessment the centerpiece of his career. And he has upped the ante this offseason, revealing Wednesday in a session with reporters that he has a setup in his Michigan home that is allowing him this offseason to watch every game of his NFL career — a body of work that includes 104 starts.

I talked on Thursday’s Daily Delivery podcast about how this commitment — in addition to Cousins’ willing participation in offseason practices and his seemingly smooth relationship with rookie third-round draft pick Kellen Mond — stands in contrast to what is happening in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love.

For good measure, we dove into the subject on Thursday’s Access Vikings podcast as well, evaluating what Cousins hopes to accomplish with his film mission.

Any attempt to better ourselves, whether it’s personal or professional, is commendable. It’s hard work,…

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