Is Bill Belichick stepping to the fore with Patriots offense?

Generally speaking, OTA access isn’t a major newsgathering moment. The fellas are in shorts and t-shirts. There’s no live contact. Defenders are in a “look but don’t touch” relationship with receivers. It’s a time for observation more than evaluation.

But since the shape of the Patriots’ 2022 offensive coaching staff is an amoeba, we had to do some sleuthing. What did we find out? That here, in late May, Bill Belichick is verrrry hands-on with the offense.

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During the first 45 minutes of the workout, Belichick stood surveying quarterback and receiver drills run by Joe Judge and Troy Brown. Judge mostly took the lead between those coaches when directing 1-on-1 receiver drills.

When portions of the defense came over to work in 7-on-7 passing drills, Judge was the main voice giving the playcalls to Mac Jones. Again, Belichick mostly stayed back and observed.

When the full team came together for some 11-on-11 work, Matt Patricia took over Judge’s role. Until then, Patricia was running the offensive line drills. When Patricia joined and started giving plays to Jones, it was almost all run game work. Again, Belichick supervised.

And at the end of practice, when it was 11-on-11 and full squad work, Belichick became the voice in Jones’ ear and directed the session.

So titles? Here’s what it looks like. Judge…

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