Inbox: You win as a team, you lose as a team

Chuck from Madison, WI

Why does it seem when the Packers’ defense gets a really third-and-long, sometimes over 20 yards, they play with such a large cushion and give up huge yardage? Seems like they get a very short fourth down and just go for it and convert.

LaFleur was asked about this Monday and said it’s something that was discussed after reviewing the film. The problem is players getting too much depth, depending on the coverage. It’s one thing to keep the ball carrier in front of you, but you can’t allow him to turn upfield and gain momentum. That’s what was left to be desired Sunday.

Jacob from Superior, WI

I was disappointed MVS coughed that up too, but how do people forget he’s the one that got them up to that FG in the first place, with three defenders around him? There were players I was disappointed with but he’s not one of them. Also, does Indy always kick it so that they have to return, or did they realize it’s a weakness of ours and just exploited it all game?

It wasn’t game specific. That seems to be part of the Colts’ strategy this season. Rigoberto Sanchez has kicked off for the past four seasons for Indianapolis, but he’s had only 29 touchbacks on 61 attempts (47.5%). That’s almost 30 points lower than last season.

Wes from Lubbock, TX

So all of those holding calls while…

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