Inbox: They specialize in thinking outside the box

Dennis from Ottawa, IL

Wes, now I know why I haven’t had many questions answered. How can I get a copy of the Insider Inbox Instruction Manual? I can’t find the listing for it anywhere. What am I overlooking? Could you please help? I have a huge backlog of questions that need answers. Did you or Spoff write it? Was it a collaboration? Could it be posted online?

You should’ve received a copy at the door during “Insider Inbox Day.” Unfortunately, there are no other physical copies remaining. Maybe try a garage sale or Reddit?

Brandon from Pleasant Prairie, WI

In your opinion, which is better? A clear No. 1 and receiver that can do it all or a few slightly-less-talented-but-still-really-good receivers that other defenses are not sure about?

It’d be foolish for me to sit here and act the Packers wouldn’t be better with No. 1 receiver like Davante Adams. In 2022, that answer is obvious. But there’s more than one way to build an offense, especially right now with the price at record high for All-Pro receivers. As I’ve been saying, the Packers will be up to this challenge. They specialize in thinking outside the box. Down the road, the hope is the Packers develop that next legitimate No. 1 (or No. 1s) threat out of this draft class and those who return.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Thanks for the piece on Sammy Watkins. O/U 35 catches…

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