Inbox: There’s even more to be thankful for this year

Dwight from Brooklyn, NY

Not a question, but an observation of thanks in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I got to thinking about teams who were fortunate enough to have back-to-back HOF-caliber quarterbacks like what we have in Favre and Aaron Rodgers . The only team that comes to mind is the 49ers with Montana and Young. I did the math (and feel free to correct my numbers) and when you total the consecutive (not overlap) years, Montana/Young was 23 years. With Favre/Rodgers it’s 29 years and counting! Sweet Baby Jesus!

Nearly 30 years of not having to worry who the quarterback was going to be every summer. What a luxury.

Nate from Stanwood, WA

There was a comment about MVS having Davante as a role model/teacher and Davante learning from Jones/Driver/Nelson. Made me wonder how deep the Packers WR lineage goes? Was there ever a clean break? Is the Packers “mentorship” culture more common or uncommon among teams?

As much as we talk about the QB lineage in Green Bay, there’s also something to be said about Packers receivers. The current manifestation probably begins around the time the Packers drafted James Jones and Jordy Nelson in 2007 and 2008, respectively. That created a foundation, with Donald Driver and Greg Jennings already in place, that has stretched to this day. Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams have all carried that torch since then. That culture has helped even more under-the-radar prospects…

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