Inbox: Packers are going to get Bears’ best game

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Reflective morning, Mike. Instead of clocking the ball with 43 seconds left and wasting a down, wouldn’t it have been better to try the back-of-the-end-zone pass to Davante Adams then? Clock stops on touchdown or incompletion. Just hoping things are done differently if/when the situation presents itself again.

LaFleur blamed himself Monday for not having a red-zone play ready to take a shot at the end zone on first down rather than spiking the ball.

James from Appleton, WI

Well, the Packers gained some valuable, specific points of emphasis to work on, and I’m glad those points came up before the Bears game and not during the Bears game. It seemed that, to counter Rivers’ quick, short passes, the Packers stressed getting the defenders’ arms up to block the passing lane. Were the Packers’ pass rushers doing that more than usual? I thought it made a real difference in the game.

It did, but they emphasize that all the time. The odds of a deflection just go up against a guy like Rivers with a funky throwing motion and lower release point.

Codi from Appleton, WI

How does the outlook of the team’s late-season performance change when losses are of such small margins? LaFleur had been blown out in all of his losses last season, but a 28-22 vs. MN and now an OT defeat. If I recall correctly, every game lost in the 2011…

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