Inbox: He’s here to finish what he started

Jeff from Brooklyn, WI

Been out looking for the ant climbing the cold mountain all day, no luck yet. Any suggestions where to look?

That was a new one for Young Wes…who has never felt older.

Ron from Mitchell, SD

Mike could not have been more spot on with his reply to Markus from CO. This team is loaded and as full of potential as any of the other top five teams in the league as long as the players face the reality of each week ahead of them. I think everyone is on a high right now due to Aaron Rodgers ‘ return and it’s fun to celebrate the moment!

Spoff was spot on. I’m still processing everything, to be honest. Not only because of Rodgers’ situation, but also the fact the Packers haven’t really been in this position during my time covering the team as far as having a good sum of money pushed into the future. But if the Saints can dig themselves out of the cap mess they were in last season, I’m confident the Packers can find a way in 2022. That being said, this year is a high-risk, high-reward situation. From a pure talent standpoint, this is the best shot Green Bay has had on paper of winning a Super Bowl since 2011. But the puzzle doesn’t just put itself together. There’s work to be done.

Bob from Riverside, CA

Good morning, Wes. It…

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