In these uneasy times, a fan’s blind hope for the return of sports serves no purpose

There was a staggering amount of “blind leading the blind” the last few days when it comes to the sports world, and as someone who has earned a living writing about sports for more than 40 years, I certainly understand the desire to get our games up and running again.

I just don’t happen to think wide-eyed optimism based on nothing but blind hope serves any purpose. And in this group I would include Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, everyone in Major League Baseball, Alabama coach Nick Saban and the meeting of 13 sports commissioners with the president.

That’s just for starters really.

In these uneasy times, I would think a more practical message to pass along to sports fans would sound something like this:

“This is certainly going to be a huge challenge for all of us in April and May, and the evidence says that will spill meaningfully into the summer. That could impact the NFL season. It will impact a whole lot of lives. This is the fight of our lives. None of us have gone through this before. It’s no time to panic, but, likewise, it’s certainly no time for business as usual.’’

That was New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Sunday, and he along with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York have seen their states hit the hardest by the coronavirus. It may be important to remind folks that “getting back to sports” can only occur…

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