In new Lakers documentary series, Buss family, players give their side of the story

EL SEGUNDO – For a franchise as saturated with stars and media coverage as the Los Angeles Lakers, it is difficult to imagine a great number of stones left unturned.

“Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers,” the latest offering of a number of Lakers-centric projects, unveiling new information might be beside the point. Director Antoine Fuqua got just a few minutes into the press day for the upcoming Hulu docu-series – staged at the team’s practice facility with a dozen former players – when he said the quiet part out loud.

“You have to remember, there’s a lot of misinformation out there as well,” he said, prompting more than a few chuckles. “There’s TV shows and other things out there that are not correct.”

It is tempting to view Legacy as the team’s attempt to straighten the record. Many of the principals encourage the idea. The recent shadow hanging over this release has been the dramatized HBO series Winning Time – a series that emphasizes the more lurid excesses of the early Showtime Lakers era and has been mostly shunned by its subjects.

Those former players who even admit to watching it (many claim they never will) say that HBO cheapened their story, and at times even got it wrong. Said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, for example: “There’s always some stuff out there that’s not accurate, or way off course. And this gives me an opportunity to have my say,…

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