In at least one way, end of the Montreal plan was good for Rays

ST. PETERSBURG — The possibility of splitting seasons between stadiums in Tampa Bay and Montreal wasn’t a topic of much consternation among current Rays.

That’s mostly because few, if any, would have still been with the team when the plan went into effect in 2028; Wander Franco is the only current Ray whose contract runs that long.

But the topic did come up in occasional conversation, including with other players around the league who were curious about how it would have worked given the immense logistical challenges of an in-season move, and across the Canadian border at that.

But Major League Baseball killed the idea before the Rays even got to the hard parts: navigating the complexities and timelines to get open-air stadiums built in both markets, then negotiating enough compensation to get the players union — which was not enthralled but at least willing to listen, director Tony Clark said — to go along.

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“I think most players were, like, not agreeing,” Rays union rep Tyler Glasnow said. “They were like, ‘I really have to move that much?’ The details were going to be ironed out, and I think spring training was going to be in the Tampa Bay area so it would really only be you’d have to move twice a year. But in terms of free agents and stuff, the idea of having to go across…

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