In appreciation of Len Kasper

I seem to be writing a lot of these “appreciation” articles these days. It is a sign of where the Cubs organization stands during the baseball winter of 2020-21.

The most important thing I want to say about Len Kasper, whose sudden departure from the Cubs TV booth to the White Sox radio booth stunned us all, is that he will be missed while we can still hear him broadcasting for another team.

That sounds like a normal thing to say when someone you have enjoyed as a performer leaves that position, but the reason it’s important is that this wasn’t the case with any of the three men who preceded him in the post as Cubs play-by-play man on television. Jack Brickhouse retired. Harry Caray passed away. Chip Caray departed under uncertain circumstances when his contract expired.

But Len was beloved by Cubs fans and generally considered in the top tier of MLB television broadcasters — not just for the Cubs, but for the national work he did on occasion for Fox-TV. Personally, I will miss him because he was always cordial to me whenever I met up with him, or had a question that he quickly answered by email, and also for the several Q-and-A’s he did for us here at Bleed Cubbie Blue and his appearance last spring during baseball’s hiatus on our podcast.

He’s just an all-around good guy, and while he’ll still be in Chicago…

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