If the Bucs can keep Tom Brady upright, he can beat the Rams

TAMPA — You look at the man and wonder what is so special about him.

It’s not the speed, it’s not the arm. It’s not the footwork, it’s not the size. Maybe, after all these years, it is more about the people surrounding him.

I mean, take away Bill Belichick and who is Tom Brady?

(The Super Bowl 55 champion and MVP.)

Take away two of his top receivers and both of his running backs and what kind of performance will you get out of Brady in the postseason?

(A 78.3 completion percentage, 271 yards and two touchdown passes against the Eagles.)

Stomp on the ankles of two of his offensive linemen, then put him on the field against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles pass rush and what will you get?

(Funny you should ask.)

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All these playoff games later, it is still possible to marvel at Brady’s unprecedented ability to remain standing long after most of the NFL is relaxing on the couch.

Beating the Rams in the division round on Sunday with a battered offensive line, no Chris Godwin and no Antonio Brown would not be the most remarkable thing Brady has ever done in the postseason but, holy crap, this stuff cannot be as easy as he makes it look.

“It’s Tom Brady. He does everything well,” said Rams linebacker Von Miller, who…

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