“I love it”: Texans happy to have fans back for practice

It had been awhile.

On Saturday morning at the Houston Methodist Training Center, the Texans practiced in front of fans. They’d not done so since August of 2019. With players and coaches from Second Baptist High School, as well as players, coaches and family members from the youth FUN Football League, the Texans got some work done in a different setting. Hearing the cheers was a welcome change for head coach David Culley.

“There was a little buzz when we came out to practice,” Culley said. “It was almost like, ‘Oh, man, it’s almost like we’re playing a game.’ And believe it or not in practice when we get into those seven-on-sevens and those team periods, those guys feel that.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NFL training camps were closed to the public in 2020. This year, the Texans will have practice in front of fans a total of seven times. Houston’s off on Sunday, but will practice in front of season ticket members on Monday. Additionally, many players and coaches had their family and friends at practice as well.

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