How would Myles Turner fit with Celtics if Pacers trade big man to Boston?

While nothing seems certain yet with the Gordon Hayward saga — at least other than the fact that his preference is returning home to Indiana — it seems safe to assume that any deal between the Celtics and Pacers would feature Myles Turner.

Now, there is always the possibility of three-team swaps and of Boston rerouting players acquired in a deal. But while we wait to see how it unfolds, let’s assess Turner’s fit on the Celtics.

There is no denying Turner’s potential. He’s got great size (6-foot-11, 250 pounds) and is an elite shot-blocker. He can stretch the floor with a penchant for the 3-point shot. Turner is familiar with the Celtics core after being part of Team USA last summer.

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Turner performed well enough for the Pacers to give him a four-year, $72 million extension and yet the team has been unable to figure out how to maximize both him and Domantas Sabonis. And that’s where the concerns start with Turner.

Set to enter the second year of his new deal, Turner’s production hasn’t been in line with his $18 million-per-season price tag. The Pacers were barely in the positive for net rating (+0.4) during Turner’s 1,826 minutes of floor time last season, and that number spiked to a team-best plus-3.4 in the 1,698 minutes he was on the bench.


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