How was the Clippers’ sneaker game on opening night?

I’m sure you remember the night before your first day of school: you would pick out your outfit from top to bottom and lay it down on the floor, excited to wear it the morning after. This type of excitement most likely surrounds even the most experienced of NBA players before their first game back from the offseason. And though they may not be able to choose the outfit they wear during the game, they can display their distinct style and flavor with their sneakers.

How did the Clippers do? In their first game of the season, the Clippers suffered more than just a loss by two points against the Golden State Warriors — they suffered a massive blowout (I’d say by 25 points) in their sneaker game.

Up first, Reggie Jackson. Even for game one of 82 of a grueling regular season, he reverted to the same pair of shoes he has been lacing up for the past year: the PG 5s. His mix-matching of the ‘Play For the Future’ and the ‘Purple Orange’ PG 5s was cool initially; it may have lost its charm after his 749th wearing this colorway.

Reggie Jackson in the ‘Play For the Future’ (left) and the ‘Purple Orange’ (right) PG 5s. Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The Clippers’ starting center shouldn’t be excused either — although I do understand how hard it must be to look for shoes his size. Ivica…

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