How to Watch, Stream & Listen to Vikings-Saints in Week 4

Daniels on determining the max distance for a field goal attempt by Greg Joseph:

Greg Joseph made a career-long, 56-yard field goal against Green Bay in Week 1.

The Vikings opted to have him try two more from that distance against Detroit. He wasn’t able to put either of those through the uprights.

Daniels explained some of the process with deciding before each game what the max length might be.

“Usually we go into the game, I speak with our Game Management Coordinator Ryan Cordell, and he kind of asks me after we finish warmups, after Greg is finished, he asks, ‘What do you think the line is today, gotta have it, end of half, end of game?’ so I let him know, and then we always talk about under regular circumstances, ‘What is the line?’ The line is always different based off who we’re playing, the quarterback we’re up against, do we want to play the field position battle and the weather conditions,” Daniels said. “Typically we go about it that way, and then once we’re past the 50, we’re either in four-down territory or we get to a certain yard line, he communicates [to Head Coach Kevin O’Connell] ‘You are in field-goal range’ because we’ve already pre-discussed what that line is.

“The thing is, you want to continue to have confidence in your kicker. Just because he goes out for 56, I don’t know we want to send…

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