How Opening Day foreshadowed ’95 season

CLEVELAND – They say hindsight is 20/20, and now that more than two decades have gone by since Cleveland’s magical 1995 season, we’re able to clearly see that the writing for what was to come that year was on the wall.

It was a season that ended in disappointment following a Game 6 loss in the World Series to Atlanta. But that doesn’t erase just how much of an impact each day of that year made on the franchise’s history, setting quite the tone in a brand new ballpark after its inaugural season was cut short due to the strike in 1994.

The ’95 team set a foundation for how the second half of the decade would go. Everything had been trending in the right direction after the Sandy Alomar Jr. and Carlos Baerga trade and a young Manny Ramirez was jumping in the spotlight. But it was impossible to know at the time just how fun of a ride that season would become.

Fast forward nearly 27 years later and we can see that nearly everything fans needed to know about that special club was foreshadowed on Opening Day. Let’s take a step back in time and take a deeper look at how the 11-6 victory against the Rangers on April 27, 1995 epitomized the rest of the team’s season.

Manny being Manny
Ramirez struck first. Cleveland had just fallen in a 1-0 deficit in the bottom of the…

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