How New NHL Proposal Would Effect Sidney Crosby, Players Paychecks

During the worst pandemic in a century and the first world-wide lockdown in history, there won’t be many tears shed for professional athletes and owners squeezed by the economic turmoil. Restaurants and businesses are buckling as the virus rages worldwide, but it is interesting to note the effect of the new NHL proposal on players such as Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby.

And you can see why the NHLPA and the players were upset.

Crosby famously wears No 87 and makes $8.7 million per season (AAV) because he was born on August 7, 1987 (8/7/87). You may say that’s a pretty fat paycheck, but the most recently negotiated CBA and the NHL owners’ new proposal via NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will take a pretty large chunk out of players’ wallets.

Editor’s Note: Crosby’s 2020-21 salary is actually $9.6 million, but for Crosby’s superstitious numerology, we’ll use his AAV. 

For example, Crosby makes $8.7 million. After the already-agreed 20% escrow this season, Crosby will make $6.96 million.

Further, the owners ask for an additional 13% deferral, so his annual nut drops to $5.83 million. Still not bad, right?

Now, tap out 10% to his super-agent Pat Brison, and Crosby is down to $5.247 million. And, here comes the kicker, the U.S. government and Uncle Sam want their cut, too. Crosby is in the highest 37% tax bracket, so we’ll use the $5.83 million placeholder because the 2018 tax cuts negatively impacted…

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