How 49ers’ Aaron Rodgers chase shaped by Kyle Shanahan-Matt LaFleur bond

Kyle Shanahan’s close relationship with Matt LaFleur could be a double-edged sword if the 49ers pursued trading for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

On the one hand, the similarities between the offensive systems would make Rodgers’ move from Green Bay to the Bay Area pretty painless. On the other, the coaches’ friendship could make the Packers’ decision to trade arguably the greatest QB in their history sting that much more.

“There’s a few elements here, right?” NBC Sports Bay Area 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco said during Monday’s episode of “49ers Talk.” “Because Matt LaFleur runs basically the same offense as Kyle Shanahan, so it’d be a very easy transition for Rodgers to go from the Packers to the 49ers. That part of it would be seamless. He can hit the ground running Week 1, and, boom: The 49ers could be in the game like that.

“The other part of it is that Matt LaFleur has now lost NFC Championship Games two years in a row, including in his first year as head coach [last season] to the 49ers and his good friend, Kyle Shanahan. The last thing you’d want to do is have to meet Aaron Rodgers again if you’re the Packers, so the obvious thing would be ship him to the AFC, get him out of your hair.”

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