HORNBY: Women take lead roles in Maple Leafs development

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Lance Hornby

Danielle Goyette (left) and Hayley Wickenheiser walk through the Olympic Park in Sochi, Russia in a 2014 photo. Goyette is joining Wickenheiser on the staff of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Photo by Jean Levac /Postmedia Network Article content

Hayley Wickenheiser and Danielle Goyette already have worked hard to change the male pysche on the role of women in hockey.

Now, the two former Canadian national stars, who couldn’t realize their dream to play in the NHL, are both in position to help young players get there, and veterans to stay there.

The Maple Leafs, who have taken the lead in hiring females in their hockey office, have promoted Wickenheiser to senior director of player development, with Goyette her choice as director. They will be working with draft picks, prospects, the Marlies, and on occasion, the Leafs themselves.

Wickenheiser — that’s Dr. Wickenheiser after she recently completed her medical degree in Calgary and begun hospital work — has been with the Leafs for almost three years. When general manager Kyle Dubas said he wanted her to take the departing Scott Pellerin’s senior role, it was with the option of hiring her own No, 2. On a brief break from surgery, she called Goyette in her home province in Montreal and said half in jest: ‘How’d you like to move to Toronto and work with the Leafs, your…

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