Heyward donates JR Day salary to Alliance

CHICAGO — Jason Heyward feels that the impact of Jackie Robinson Day is growing. And the veteran Cubs outfielder believes Robinson would be proud of the work being done by players in cities across the game.

Heyward cited the growing presence and impact of The Players Alliance, which aims to make baseball more accessible and create more opportunities and resources for Black communities. He also noted the increased conversation about inclusiveness and issues impacting the nation.

“It’s amazing that he was able to make the sacrifices he did,” Heyward said of Robinson, “maintaining his character, maintaining his love for the game, and not [putting] himself above that for his teammates, of course. But also for the numerous amount of people like myself, teammates that I have in this clubhouse, coaching staff, people that he didn’t know he was going to affect and how he was going to affect [them].

“He didn’t know the extent. He didn’t know that there would be a Players Alliance here today, unified and trying to rally troops behind good messages and positivity in our communities, and bringing that kind of awareness.

“So I think it’s super special that the things that he did over his time are still here today, without him even knowing that it was going to look like this.”

Heyward was among more than 100 Major League players of all races and backgrounds who pledged to donate their gameday salaries on Jackie…

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