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CLEVELAND, Ohio – I was shocked when I went to my first full-time newspaper job. It was in the South, and the negative attitudes of some people on the staff infected me in ways I never imagined.

I previously had worked summers at the old Fisher-Fazio’s warehouse. I worked part-time at the old Cleveland Press. I had worked with some old (and young) guys who were cynical and crusty. So I wasn’t completely naive.

I was the youngest and the only “Yankee” on that sports staff. Most of the people were very good to me. That wasn’t the problem. But several of the veteran writers seemed so cool in their negativity about almost everything – especially the boss. I fell in with them for a while.

At that point, I wish someone had told me this: “No good relationship can be built on a negative bond…if you bond with someone over making fun of a coworker … that will come back to bite you.”

That from Jack Rufus was one of many comments from readers on my Facebook page when I asked them about what people need to know when entering the workplace.

“Do not gossip about other people and stay away from others who do,” wrote Rocky Fornine.

It took me a few years to discover the wisdom in that advice.


Mary Tulenko wrote about how some people on the job “act as your friend,…

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