Hawks’ John Collins is itching to dunk on Joel Embiid, and you can understand why

Remember when Joel Embiid slammed the ball in over John Collins on Oct. 28 in Atlanta, did a little shimmy in Collins’ face and received a technical foul for his exuberant celebration?

We think Collins probably does.

In a Bleacher Report “AMA,” Collins named Embiid as the player he’d most to like to dunk on. 

“We’ve had back and forth,” he said. “I don’t want to get too into it … but he knows, too. Every time he sees me he says, bro you’re not getting me.”

Embiid thought it couldn’t hurt to remind Collins of that dunk on Tuesday. 

https://t.co/unmlaCUiJE https://t.co/0HSwiFSnlh pic.twitter.com/UIYf9okLhb

— Joel “Do a 180” Embiid??? (@JoelEmbiid) March 24, 2020

The Sixers’ All-Star center has a history of antagonizing opponents, with Hassan Whiteside, Andre Drummond and Karl-Anthony Towns among the other players he’s irked.

He had another incident with the Hawks on Feb. 24, the night he scored a career-high 49 points. With the clock ticking down and the Sixers up 17, Atlanta’s Kevin Huerter stole the ball from Embiid as he dribbled it past half court, prompting Embiid to show him the middle finger.  

Though Embiid apologized for the gesture in his postgame interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Serena Winters and said he wasn’t planning on shooting the ball, he also gave an explanation for his frustration with Huerter. 

“There’s always this thing about you shouldn’t shoot the ball if you’re up 20 or something like that,”…

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