Harper: Bridges should hold out for the max from Suns

News broke this week that combo forward Aaron Gordon had agreed to a four year, $92 million extension with the Denver Nuggets.

When that nugget came across the timeline, Phoenix Suns fans reacted with interest because of the similar role that Aaron Gordon plays for the Nuggets that extension-eligible Mikal Bridges plays for the Suns.

Note the same-sames:

  • One of the best defenders in the game
  • Takes on the other team’s best offensive player across four positions
  • Provides solid offense (12-18 points per game) in tertiary role
  • Extension eligible, to kick in 2021-22
  • Has to get his bag as the 4th highest-paid player on the team

Aaron Gordon’s $24 million per year will only be the 4th highest salary on the Denver Nuggets in 2021-22 after Michael Porter Jr. signs his rookie extension in the coming weeks. Porter Jr., Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic will all be making $30+ million a year from now.

Sounds a lot like the Phoenix Suns current makeup. In 2022-23, the Suns will just as likely have their own trio of $30+ million contracts (Deandre Ayton, Chris Paul and Devin Booker) ahead of whatever Mikal Bridges signs for.

Note that none of the rookie-eligible players (Porter, Ayton, Bridges) in the above scenarios have signed those rookie extensions yet. Does that mean their teams don’t want such a top-heavy roster structure? No. Well, yes, but no. If Ayton, Bridges and Porter all took $15 million per…

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