Guregian: First padded glimpse of Cam Newton-led offense offers hope

FOXBORO — With the pads finally on, we got our first real taste of what the Patriots offense might look like in 2021 with Cam Newton running the show.

The lasting impression?

If the Newton on display Tuesday with live ammunition flying is the one who shows up consistently, he’ll keep his starting job, and the Patriots offense will be just fine.

On this particular day, anyway, it was Newton, not Mac Jones, who made the best throws throughout the session. The former NFL MVP was in total command of the offense, whether he was hitting receivers downfield, or running the read-option.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Newton can stack practices and games together where he’s this accurate, making throws all over the field. Consistency has been a bugaboo during his time in New England.

But this day wasn’t solely about how Newton threw the football. There was plenty more to be gleaned from watching the Newton-led offense as a whole. The other important takeaway was how all of his new, shiny toys looked against a defense that could finally engage.

Let’s just say based on the first padded practice, the new acquisitions at receiver and tight end not only gave Newton a boost, but will ultimately allow the Patriots to do more than just run the football down a defense’s throat every game.

The air show on display Tuesday looks like it will serve as a…

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