Guregian: Cam Newton and Mac Jones forming unique bond amid Patriots QB battle

FOXBORO — Established veteran quarterbacks aren’t usually very fond of rookies who come in, poised to take their job.

On some levels, the dynamic is understandable. It’s human nature.

Case in point: The ultra-competitive Tom Brady would help an underling to a point, but if he felt threatened by the kid (hello, Jimmy Garoppolo), he wasn’t about to provide the shovel to help the younger quarterback throw dirt and bury him.

Then, there’s Cam Newton.

While he’s a unique personality to start with, the relationship he’s begun to foster with rookie Mac Jones is both unusual, and laudable at the same time.

First, he seems to like the kid, just like many other Patriots who have crossed Jones’ path. And why not? Jones loves hip-hop, which is music to Newton’s ears.

Second, along with Brian Hoyer, Newton has gone out of his way to try and pump up the kid if he has a bad stretch.

Such was the case Thursday, when Jones angrily bolted toward the sideline with his head down after a poor series of throws late in the day. His frustration was obvious. Hoyer spoke with him briefly, and after Jones cooled off a bit, Newton approached, took him aside, and appeared to be doing his best to not only console the rookie, but also offer some perspective to the Patriots’ first-round pick.

Jones, who had his helmet off, didn’t seem to be doing any talking. He…

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