Greatest moments in Dodger history No. 8: Fernandomania

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No. 8: Fernandomania (109 first-place votes, 15,418 points)

Fernando Valenzuela pitches in the 1985 NLCS.


When injuries sidelined Jerry Reuss and Burt Hooton, preventing them from starting on opening day in 1981, Manager Tommy Lasorda rolled the dice and turned to a young, mostly unknown who was pegged as the No. 5 starter: Fernando Valenzuela.

Fernando (calling him Valenzuela just seems wrong for some reason), was only 20 years old and was thrust onto the mound on opening day to pitch against the defending NL West champion Houston Astros.


All he did was shut them out and take his first step toward immortality, as far as Dodger fans were concerned.

Fans turned out in droves to Dodger games when Fernando pitched. Eleven of his 12 starts at Dodger Stadium in 1981 were sellouts. The team’s attendance went up by an average…

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