Going the distance with Cards: Hope, history through 14 states, 7,168 miles


In a cemetery north of Madison, Wis., there’s a cardinal engraved on the gravestone of Francis Goold and Verna Goold, the grandparents of Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold. The need to drive between series in the 2020 Cardinals season allowed the writer a chance to visit. 

Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold, wearing a cap from his alma mater Mizzou in this selfie, was encouraged by an MLB official to cover his eyes during airplane travel, so he purchased goggles for sports columnist Ben Frederickson and himself before their first flight of the season to San Diego for a playoff series.

The boyhood home of Hall of Famer and Yankees great Mickey Mantle, located at 319 South Quincy Street in Commerce, Okla., a side trip on the road between St. Louis and covering the World Series in Arlington, Texas. According to a plaque on the house, a nearby tin barn was used as a backstop for his batting practice and Mantle ‘was the only kid in town that didn’t get in trouble for breaking a window.’ 

A map kept in baseball writer Derrick Goold’s scorebook for the Cardinals’ 2020 season on which he kept track of the routes taken to cover the games. Red are all the highways driven from city to city, starting with the St. Patrick’s Day drive from Jupiter, Fla., back home to St. Louis. The blue line is the route of the only flight of the…

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