Glauber: Baby steps for Wilson, but when will he take big leap?


Mike LaFleur didn’t pull any punches about what he thought of Zach Wilson’s performance in Sunday’s 21-14 win over the Texans.

“Like a 22-year-old who hasn’t played in a month,” LaFleur deadpanned about the Jets’ rookie quarterback.

Oh, LaFleur threw Wilson a few bouquets, mentioning his improved play over the course of the game and some worthy throws and smart pre-snap reads and adjustments. But even though LaFleur himself is a rookie play-caller, he knows the journey for Wilson is a long and painstaking one that will take time. Maybe more time than Jets fans who have been impatient for a reliable long-term quarterback would like.

For Wilson, the solution rests not with his lively arm or the use of his legs to scramble away from danger. The answer lies in his eyes.

And his head.

Like most rookie quarterbacks, Wilson is still adapting to the much faster, much more complicated world of the NFL, in which defensive coordinators spend their time figuring out ways to confuse even the most experienced quarterbacks. For a first-year player, it’s a matter of needing to process things more quickly than he ever has and make decisions about where he’s going to throw the ball at warp speed.

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It doesn’t happen overnight, especially with a…

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