GARRIOCH: The waiting is the hardest part for the Ottawa Senators as they prepare for camp

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Though goaltender Matt Murray made his way to Ottawa this week from his home in Hunstville to begin skating here and defenceman Erik Gudbranson returned here a couple of weeks ago from his cottage in the Muskoka area, the transition is much easier for those two than it will be for many players.

Because they arrived from another part of the province, they weren’t subject to a 14-day quarantine when they got to Ottawa.

That won’t be the case for many of the players. Right now, the Senators players who come to Ottawa will have to abide by the mandatory self-isolation rule. That will have to be completed before they can go for a skate with some of their teammates in the limited groups that allowed to use the club’s facilities in Kanata.

For example, goaltender Marcus Hogberg, who would like to return from Sweden as soon as possible, has to make a decision in the coming days on whether he wants to get on a flight to begin his self-isolation or continue skating near his hometown while awaiting an agreement.

At this point, there are zero guarantees there’s going to be a season and there won’t be until the two sides are able to put pen to paper with a deal they can both stomach. So, should a guy like Hogberg really rush to Ottawa under these circumstances? And, in this case, he’s hardly alone.


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