Full Steam Ahead | Harris’ Hits

One day off doesn’t always make a difference, but a day off on Sunday and the return of a veteran helped out one side of the ball. The other side of the ball continued to make plays that, as a unit, didn’t in 2020. Here are my Harris Hits: Training Camp Observations Day #5.

Yes, it was #5 who returned on Monday after an excused absence Saturday and the day off on Sunday. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor consistently exudes calm, cool and poise, and even though he didn’t say or hasn’t said the exact words, today felt like Taylor’s “it’s cool, I’ve got this” vibe permeated the entire offense. After a difficult offensive performance on Saturday, for multiple reasons, Taylor’s presence seemed to soothe frayed nerves, so to speak. I’ll reiterate, the offensive performance wasn’t completely and totally game ready, but Taylor had it rolling much more effectively than it had been in the previous days.

Running back Rex Burkhead has always been a north/south runner, dating all the way back to his days in high school in Plano, TX. However, one thing I’ve seen him do even better than I ever thought he could do – have defenders chasing ghosts with his change of direction. I’ve seen at least three shake ’em down/spin ’em around moves over the past few days, including one today. I mean, he’s even more slippery and sudden than I ever remember. Covering him on his…

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