Fresh start in Tempe is exactly what the Coyotes need to succeed

Outside, the temperature peaked at 107 degrees. Inside, blasts of air conditioning greeted the sweating masses, cooling and fueling 17,148 people who poured into the arena for Game 5 of the 2012 Western Conference Finals.

The Coyotes were eliminated a few hours later, losing to the Kings in overtime. But the stage was sublime. The moment was nirvana. It was late May and our NHL team was competing for a Stanley Cup, offering some of the finest spectacle in sport as well as sweet relief from the oppressing heat.

It was the high-water mark between the Coyotes and their business partner, the City of Glendale. It was a snapshot of what could’ve been and never was again.

A doomed relationship finally received an expiration date on Thursday. Like a landlord kicking out an unruly, unreliable tenant who doesn’t always pay the rent on time, Glendale announced they were ending their dealings with the Coyotes after the upcoming season.

The reaction was a mixture of gasps and yawns, of fear and apathy.

This does not mean the Coyotes are going anywhere anytime soon. Bottom line: The Coyotes are attempting to relocate to a prime location in Tempe.

Their owner has one of the golden tickets in Arizona, the ability to create a sportsbook for legal wagering. He might have to bend and scramble to fund the deal because no taxpayer relief or political capital is forthcoming. If he thinks otherwise, he is a fool.…

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