Francisco Lindor: Pete Alonso can have Aaron Judge-like season in future

OAKLAND, Calif. — Francisco Lindor has been impressed by the big year the cleanup hitter behind him in the Mets’ lineup is enjoying, but expects even more from him in future seasons.

Pete Alonso blasted his 38th home run on Saturday and increased his NL-leading RBI total to 123. Before that occurred, in a 10-4 loss to the Athletics, Lindor was asked by The Post to evaluate Alonso’s season. Alonso owns a .265/.345/.510 slash line.

“Really good year, but I don’t think it’s his best year yet,” Lindor said. “I think he is going to have a few more years that are way better than this one. This year he is driving in a lot of runs and he’s got a good amount of home runs, but I think he’s got years like Aaron Judge, as he gets older in the game and understands himself a little more, he’s going to have really good years.

“Next year without the shift his batting average is going to go up even more, so he is going to have better years to come. I am happy. He is having a really good year this year, but he hasn’t sniffed his best year yet.”

Pete Alonso belts his 38th homer during the Mets’ 10-4 loss to the Athletics.Getty Images

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