Francisco Lindor has everything to be face of Mets franchise

The Mets didn’t just land themselves a perennial All-Star and a potential Hall of Famer on Thursday. In Francisco Lindor, they just might have themselves a face of the franchise.

After all, he’s already a face of the sport.

“He will be great,” Cardinals reliever Andrew Miller, who spent two-plus seasons with Lindor in Cleveland and a season and a half with the Yankees, told The Post on Thursday in a text message. “Frankie is a superstar and he works his tail off. Combine that with his talent and there’s no reason he can’t be great anywhere.”

You never know whether a guy can handle baseball’s challenging Acela line of Boston-New York-Philadelphia, which stands out for its collective intensity and media scrutiny, until he gets there. Maybe both Lindor and the Mets will get off to a slow 2021 start and won’t be able to recover. That has to rank as the underdog scenario, however. Lindor has shown too much skill, too much poise and too bright a smile to bet against him.

“There are many players that you watch and you appreciate. There are other players you watch and you smile. That smile is not just a function of appreciation, but also kind of an empathetic reaction to how they play the game,” Mets president Sandy Alderson said Thursday in a Zoom news conference. “I think Lindor’s the kind of player that makes one smile.”

Francisco LindorGetty Images


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