Franchise-altering Jets decision has never looked better

The 2019 NFL Draft was the breaking point for Jets CEO Christopher Johnson.

He watched his general manager, Mike Maccagnan, during that draft and saw someone who was indecisive and unwilling to incorporate everyone in the organization into his decisions. Maccagnan and head coach Adam Gase barely spoke during the draft, and Maccagnan rolled the dice on players with character concerns and ones unpopular with the coaching staff.

Less than three weeks after that draft, Johnson fired Maccagnan and a month after that replaced him with Joe Douglas. At the time, the Maccagnan firing was criticized for its timing and for seemingly letting Gase win a power struggle.

As the 2021 draft unfolded over the past few days, that decision looked better than ever.

Now, it is too soon to pronounce the Jets draft (or any team) a winner or a loser. Ultimately, we won’t know for several years. If you want to assign a letter grade to the draft, it should be TBD. But here is what Douglas did: He had a plan and he executed it. That is something the Jets have failed to do for too long.

Douglas had a conviction on players and was not afraid to go get them. Start with BYU quarterback Zach Wilson at No. 2. This pick does not feel like a reach now after months of draft talk, but if you went back to the fall and said Wilson would be…

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