Folktales: Thanks, Coach

It being a Monday night, Arizona Republic beat writer Kent Somers was tight on deadline after the game. He made the decision to stay in the press box and write, planning on getting quotes from co-workers later. He wasn’t in the room when Green came to the podium.

“One of the biggest disappointments of my career,” Somers said.

Clearly, Green could have said the same of the game’s outcome.

As the players streamed into the locker room, Green seethed. He had his baseball cap off and his shirt untucked, a rarity for the coach. He kicked a paper Gatorade cup in the silence before finally addressing his shell-shocked team.

“I can’t even repeat all the things that he said,” Berry said. “But the basic crux of the matter was, he said, ‘I don’t want anybody saying anything to the media, because when I get in there, I’m going off.’ He didn’t say it quite like that. But you can kind of guess how colorful it got. We just kind of blew it off. Because we were all kind of disappointed, and we just wanted to go home.”

Waiting in the press conference room, among many others, was Mark Brown. A local freelance writer who was doing a Cardinals story to supplement the game coverage of the Chicago Sun-Times, he had an easy subject – the dominating Cardinals defense.

“That was the essence of the question,” Brown said. “I asked about…

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