Five ways Jets can jump-start slow-beginning offense

There is no truth to the rumor that the Jets are petitioning the league to start their games with the second quarter or move kickoff times to 2:30.

You couldn’t blame them, though, if the Jets were trying anything to get their games to start quicker. By now you know the numbers. The Jets have not scored a point in the first quarter through five games and have gained just 79 yards — 11 passing yards. Their offense has started slower than a 1975 Buick on a winter morning.

For coach Robert Saleh, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur and the entire coaching staff, that is the focus of the bye week: How do the Jets start games faster? They have had to play from behind in every game this season because of the slow starts.

“That’s what we’re spending this week on,” Saleh said Monday.

No one has called me from the Jets for my opinion, but I’m here to give it anyway. Here are a few ways I think the Jets can try to jump-start an offense that looked as mobile as Stonehenge in London on Sunday.

1. Let them compete

A funny thing happens in the NFL. The first-team offense and first-team defense face each other throughout training camp and then rarely again during the season. They face the scout team mostly in practice.

Zach Wilson and Robert SalehUSA TODAY Sports (2)

Here is what I would propose for…

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