Five things learned at Packers training camp – Aug. 3

2. Stokes bought a house for his grandma…and a bunch of snacks for the defensive backs.

When Stokes was only 14 years old, he made a promise to get his grandmother out of the area she lived in Atlanta for more than 30 years and buy her the house of her dreams.

A month after he was drafted in the first round by the Packers, Stokes lived up to his word.

The 6-foot, 194-pound cornerback was crafty about it, too. Stokes bought the home but waited a month to surprise his grandma, who originally thought it went off the market. He documented the unveiling in an Instagram video in July.

“I can’t even put words,” Stokes said. “She thought somebody else already had the house. I still had her looking at different houses, not knowing that I had got her house. I had it for like a month and finally when I was able to come back after OTAs, I was able to give it to her. It was just a feeling I can never forget.”

While Stokes might have been the 29th overall pick in April’s NFL Draft, he’s still the rookie responsible for obtaining snacks in the defensive backs room.

After Alexander joked this past week about how the first-round pick had been slacking in his duties, Stokes made a run to Target during the players’ mandatory day off on Sunday to fill up the DBs’ snack drawer…

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