Fisher, Kaval and the A’s must realize Oakland’s patience wearing thin

Typical of two fellas who are not feeling enough love at home, John Fisher and Dave Kaval headed to Las Vegas.

At least that was the report, that the A’s team owner and his team president were expected back in Vegas Wednesday. No doubt those two have become celebrities on The Strip, all smiles and waves and sunglasses, the new age Rat Pack.

Or maybe they’re called the Green Man Group.

The A’s are deeply Rooted in Oakland, but Kaval and Fisher are still exploring the possibility of getting their team re-potted in Las Vegas.

The trip to the desert came in the wake of Tuesday’s Oakland city council meeting, where the A’s were presented a revised and sweetened package with the term sheet it adopted for the ballpark development at Howard Terminal. Kaval initially indicated that the new deal was not super-Kaval-Fisher-isticexpialidocious.

So the A’s are back in the sand, looking for a new home. While re-checking some or all of the 25 sites they have identified as potential homes for a new ballpark, Fisher and Kaval might have time to talk over the new Oakland proposal.

“I think we need to unpack what was passed and what it means,” Kaval told ESPN from Las Vegas Wednesday. “The fact that the city did not vote on our proposal (but instead voted on an Oakland-amended version of the term sheet) — I mean it’s unusual to have that positioning. We…

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