Finger: After Uvalde, sports world no longer remaining silent

The moment of silence didn’t last long this time. Someone in the crowd at Boston’s TD Garden interrupted it by yelling, “Do something!,” per reporters in the arena Friday night. Then others yelled, too.

When the scoreboard flashed a message urging fans to “SUPPORT COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS” and “CONTACT YOUR U.S. SENATORS,” the masses roared, just like crowds in San Francisco and Miami had done upon seeing similar messages at other NBA games after the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde.

In terms of bold statements, this wasn’t much. But it was something, at least, and with their cheers, it was as if the fans were screaming, “Finally!” As Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr so eloquently noted a few hours after 19 students and two teachers were killed on Tuesday, people are tired of empty condolences and hollow platitudes.

Not long ago, NBA teams would have been terrified to post anything tangential to politics on their Jumbotrons. A Major League Baseball manager would have rather ordered Barry Bonds to bunt than to publicly announce his plans to skip the national anthem, as the Giants’ Gabe Kapler did this week. And MLB owners would have had their public-relations teams fired for spending an entire game dedicating their Twitter accounts to facts about gun violence, the way the Yankees and Rays did Thursday night.

But how can there be any inoffensive middle ground on mass shootings in supermarkets, in houses…

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